Sokol USA
Farrell, Pennsylvania
Classes and Calendar of Events

Girls / Boys Gymnastics
Ages 3 to 5 and 7 to 11
Mondays at 6:00pm- See calender for specific dates

Boys and Girls are introduced to gymnastics skills and apparatus and progress through various levels of difficulty according to their readiness. These skills teach children to move safely in self and general space with and without apparatus in various directions, with various speeds and intensities and in various body positions. They learn to safely develop kinesthetic awareness, speed, balance, strength, and aesthetic movement while experiencing success and learning to gain confidence in their abilities and in overcoming obstacles.

Good News -- we  now practice on a full-size spring floor!

Slovak Language & Culture Classes

Sokol USA Farrell in cooperation with the Slovak Home of Farrell offers a “Slovak Language and Culture” class which is open to the community. Membership in Sokol or the Slovak Home is not a requirement to take part in the classes.

The class is designed for beginning students who have no knowledge of the Slovak language as well as those who may have some knowledge of the Slovak language or Slovak dialect. In addition to language, the class includes discussions about prominent persons in Slovak history, Slovak holiday customs, Slovak folk songs, Slovak history and geography and Slovak foods and cooking.

The instructor, Stephen Banjak teaches is a retired physical education professor from Slippery Rock University. He has lived in Slovakia for two years, teaching at Šafarík University in Prešov, eastern Slovakia in the 1991-92 academic year and at Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital city in the 1975-76 academic year.


Classes run continuously from October through May on Tuesdays, from 5:30 to 7:00 PM in the Sokol meeting room on the second floor at the Slovak Home in Farrell. Please see event calendar and contact us for details.

There is no specific time to begin attending classes. You are encouraged to begin at your earliest convenience. Since the method used to teach the language includes repetition, review, and revisiting pertinent information, we make a strong attempt to adjust to each student's needs within the context of the class. We are especially looking for young people who wish to learn the Slovak Culture and language.


Jr./Sr. Male and Female Competitive Gymnastics
12 yrs. and Older
Tuesdays  6:30-8:30PM and Thursdays 6:00-8:00PM- See calender for specific dates

Sokol uses the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Compulsory Excercises which are designed with the belief that athletes, males and females, regardless of their ability, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The JO program allows gymnasts to advance at their own pace and abilities. For females, in addition to the JO program, Sokol uses the USA Gymnastics Excel Program which is designed to offer a broad-based, competitive experience outside the traditional JO program.

Good News -- we now practice on a full-size spring floor!

The Slet in Buffalo is fast approaching us make sure you send Steve your hotel room information and uniform information ASAP we do not want to miss out on this.