Sokol USA
Farrell, Pennsylvania


          There are many benefits available by belonging to our Sokol Farrell club.  Chief among these benefits are the great number of scholarships or grants available to members.  Although they are available through different sources, being a Sokol member is a prerequisite and we recommend that our members explore all the possibilities:


þ  The “Steve Banjak Memorial Scholarship” is annually offered to a qualified member of Sokol Farrell who is studying in higher education or technical school and has a high school diploma.  This is a competitive scholarship worth $1000.  Applicants who have received this award one time are eligible to apply again only if no other applicants apply.  To access the application form and requirements, click here.  A fully completed application and letters of reference must be sent by U.S. Postal Delivery by May 15 of each year.


þThe “Milan Getting Scholarship” is offered by our national Sokol USA office to members who are furthering their education in a four-year college or university. Applications for the $500 scholarship are due by March 1 of each year.  Recipients are eligible to receive their scholarship for up to four years providing they maintain their membership in Sokol USA and a specified grade point average.
To request a scholarship application contact Sokol USA Headquarters by sending a request to Sokol USA; P.O. Box 189; East Orange, NJ or you may send an e-mail request to


þThe GBU Scholarship and Grant Awards are offered by our new merger partner.  As a member of Sokol USA, you are also a member of GBU and therefore eligible to apply for the various types of scholarships and grants offered by GBU Financial Life.  The following are offered:

    • Four Year Scholarship – $2,500 over 4 years.
    • Undergraduate Scholarship – 1-3 years – $500 per year.
    • Graduate Degree Scholarship – 1-2 years – $500 per year.
    • Two-year Scholarship (Technical Schools, Nursing Schools and Community Colleges) – 1-2 years – $500 per year.
    • GBU Grant – One-time $500.
    • John P. Albright Grant – One-time $500.
    • District 496 Gill Hall, PA Grant – One-time $500.

More information can be found on the GBU web-site at:  Applications are Due Feb. 1 of each year.


          As a SOKOL member you are eligible to apply from all three sources if you meet the criteria.  There are 1,000’s of dollars that will be given to SOKOL members who are going to advance their education after high school.  Receiving money from one source does NOT make you ineligible for money from the other sources.  So get on that computer and get to work.  Money is available!!!

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